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Doublechindoge7's News

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - May 29th, 2016

   Sorry to leave ya, but it's just for a week, I've left you some of my best works in a while to make up for it! I've made sure to upload Death, Spider Dance Remix, Unrelenting and probably most excitingly Cyborg! It may be the shortest of them, but it's the one I'm most proud of and I feel this marks a milestone for me.

   Also, just 'cause I've been trying hard recently, doesn't mean there's gonna be a decline in quality when I come back, I'll be ready to give it 100% again and I still have about 20 new GMS presets I've made I'm yet to use... Next up is the Megalovania remix and after that another ambient one that's actually already done, but I'm holding it back to be cut, it turned out way longer than expected, it's 12 minutes long....

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - May 12th, 2016

   I really struggled to get plays when I made music with MMJ, no joke, I was amazed when Level 99 got 10 plays! But now all of a sudden apparently you did like the MMJ music since that's gotten way ahead in popularity from FLS... Because of this, I have come to a decision...

   I was planning on ending my MMJ music at Vol.4 (so 40 would be the last one, I've made up to 32 and uploadedup to 25 right now...) but if you like it so much, I'll treat the MMJ music like the obligatory work and FLS like leisure, not like that's how it is... MMJ is fun and quicker, but that's how I'll treat it...

   As soon as NG decides I can upload another song (Seriously I hate this songs per day limit, it's WAY easier to not upload for a month and then upload everything you did while you were away than to do each one one by one...) You can be expecting:

- Metalic (Brostep)

- Obsessive Minecraft (Light (compared to my usual stuff at least...) dubstep)

- Dream Disco (Dance / Trance)

- Malware (Drum n Bass)

and after that I forgot what 30 was and you can Expect:

- Death (Hardcore Dubstep, also REALLY long, about 25 minutes)

- Nightfall (Ambient / trance)

- A trap song (unnamed and unfinished)

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - May 1st, 2016

   I just wanted to be able to talk directly to those who care, not those who clicked on one of my songs and watched one minute of it and then left my pofile forever, though I even appreciate those people... But to those who cared enough to look at my profile, give my music a review or simply read the description of a song...


   I never really was confident in my ability to create music, it was something I enjoyed but it simply felt like I couldn't be a real music creator, I hated music my whole life, it was so boring to me. Music lessons were fun but I never listened to it.

   Then, in late 2013 I used a music creating software for the first time. It was on a school trip and I was not enthusiastic, but I loved it when I started using it! Then, much later, I stumbled across Music Maker Jam. It seemed like that was the best I was going to get and I made music on there for a while...

   Once I finally figured out a system to get music from my tablet to Newgrounds I felt great, but my uploads were never stable and I couldn't help feel I was... I guess the best word for it is cheating... I enjoyed making it, but I got 1-7 views on my music which was disappointing and I felt I deserved it...

   But now I've finally got myself FLS I can upload somewhat consistently, feel appreciated, Have fun making music again, I've never felt better! With MMJ I always felt I was getting nowhere, like I was calling out for attention over and over into an empty void... I felt like it was hopeless and I was nothing but an annoyance...

   I haven't even mentioned how much I am unendingly greatful for FINALLY getting scouted for the audio portal, my goal from the very beginning was to get my music onto GD and I was distraught when it didn't work! Now thanks to you guys scouting me I am more popular than ever with an average of about 90 views on my music and seeing my music on a GD level nearly put meto tears with joy!

   As for the future of MMJ I am not done with it, so you can tell them apart all MMJ songs will have Zound - at the beginning and all FLS songs will have FLS12(Demo) - at the beginning, and I am not done yet, in fact I'm on Vol.4! But TBH the reason I'm so far ahead is that I REALLY can't be bothered to find every single missing recording, put it into dropbox, retreive it, Convert ALL of them from .oggs to .mp3s retrieve each ONE AT A TIME from gmail and then upload EVERY SINGLE ONE with thumbnails and descriptions... One day when I'm bored and fed up, I'll just sort all of that out in 1 day... Y'know, besides uploading it to NG 'cuse now you can only upload 4 a day (which is pretty annoying for me since it's most convenient for me to upload in bursts since doing multiple MMJ files at once is faster than converting each one individually)


   Anyway, I'ma have to cut this short, I'm about to leave and I'll mention anything else I meant to in the next post...

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - November 24th, 2015

Question 1: Why does my new song Apocalypse alert Have the name Zound before it? is it not mine?

Answer: It is mine! On MMJ I am called Zound and Doublechindoge7 just doesn't fit... I can't change my username unless I ask website managers to do it and I don't want to bother them over such tiny things... Even if I was likely to get a response...


Question 2: Where's song 19 and 20?

Answer: What else but upload problems!? =/


Question 3: How come I have Drum 'n' Bass Vol.1, Trance, Ambient Vol.5, Big room House, Dubstep Vol.2 AND Dubstep Vol.3!?

Answer: I use this thing called Bluestacks to play Tablet games on my laptop... Bluestacks and MMJ don't go well together... It starts out GREAT! You get ALL the packs you already have except the ones you got for free which you can replace for other ones! I tried this out on 2 laptops and tried those packs... The next day all the packs except Hip hop and the 3 replacements were gone, Then the next day ALL OF MY PACKS WERE GONE! You are never supposed to have no packs so attempting to make a song will result in a crash and a restart for your laptop... The shop has no packs, attempting to see the communityends up with crash and reset and icons get replaced by numbers at random! So in short... You won't be seing those again... =/

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - November 8th, 2015

1. What am I working on?

I was working on a lot, but luckily I got a lot off my plate this weekend with 7 uploads... I need to finish:

- The Portal (Nearly done)

- The Numbers Station (Just started)

- House Vol 3 Remix (Just started)

2. Where's song 10?

So after Glitched Disco (Song No. 9) I skipped right To Galactic Attack (Song No.11) and I had good reason...

Y'see Song 10 Was going to be "The Christmas "Spirit"" and it wasgoing to be my longest and most diverse... I worked untilI had done 115 sections and then MMJ Crashed and I lost everything as you can only save by exiting the song and choosing another one which I hadn't thought to do... So after I lost all that work I came back the next day and did 150 SECTIONS of work and finished in 3 hours... I recorded it and then when I went to upload the recording attempting to choose the recording crashed my game, once again I lost everything and the recording cannot be uploaded... I might try 1 last time when it gets to christmas...

3. Where's Mix Vol. 1?

I haven't really worked on it much, sorry... But I've made progress...

To Do:

- Songs 1-10 intro - done

- Songs 1-7 Dubstep - done

- Songs 8-10 Dubstep - not done

- combination of all outros - not done

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - October 7th, 2015

I had a few mind changes...


1. Ambient 1 instead of ambient 5

2. Brostep instead of Drum and Bass (This was THE HARDEST DECISION EVER but brostep delivered more of what I wanted as well as AMAZING drums!)

3.Arctic Dubstep Vol. 1 This was an easy decision for me...

These aren't bought yet

4.Brostep Vol. 2

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - October 4th, 2015

Hello!? Is anyone there!? XD

I doubt anyone will read this... But I feel I did well on Scratch because even in obscurity, I treated my profile profesionally, so I'm going to pretend more than 2 people if I'm lucky will read this...

Here are my plans for the future:

1. First I think it's CRUCIAL to announce: I AM NOT JUST DOING DUBSTEP... I will also do House, Ambient and maybe Trap... So why haven't I done it?

House:I have what I need for house, I'll get around to that eventually... It's just I have to finsh the Dubstep I've started

Trap:I have what I need for trap music now, but it's very lacking, you see I do have Trap vol. 2... However... Even though what it does have is pretty effective, it doesn't have much... It's a much smaller package than I expected... If I wanna do good trap I'll have to get trap vol. 1 too, but I'm only getting 4 more packs... see bellow

Ambient: I'll get my Ambient pack soon but I don't have quite what I need yet...


2.What I'm GOING to get

As I said, I'm probably only getting 4 more packs as they do cost money and I don't wanna spend it all in one place...

1. Arctic dubstep vol.1, Which I'm DEFINITELY not changing my mind on as arctic dubstep is the only dubstep pack that has REALLY satisfied me, and if it weren't for arctic dubstep I wouldn't even be doing this!

2. Ambient pack 5 as even though I prefer dubstep, I don't want to do JUST dubstep and ambient is my 2nd favourite music style... Also I feel I'd be pretty good at it, I've already had quite a few ideas for Ambient music and I can make songs with certain themes better with ambient... So far my plans for ambient are:

-Crystall Castle / Crystall Catacombs (Name undecided... I want both a crystall and underground theme, but I think crystall castle is a better name... What do you think?)

-Abandoned beach (Beach theme... Duh...)

-Psirens (Will be another beach theme, but this time focusing on vocals and will be a combination of ambient and dubstep)

-Sleeping Circuits (Electronic theme)

-Deep rain (Rainy street theme)

-Forsaken forest (Halloween theme)

-Cloudy head (Wind theme)

-Stargazing (Space theme)

-The little voice in my head (insanity theme)

Not all of these will be made as some might need certain ambience packs... I need Ambience pack 4, which I might not ger, to get rain sound effects for Deep rain and I need Ambience pack 1 for Stargazing and I'm ALMOST DEFINITELY not getting that...

3. Drum and Bass do I really need to explain why I want drum and bass? I mean don't get me wrong, my drums are pretty great, but there's no loud bass except for Dubstar (From Arctic Dubstep Vol.2) and the demo songs for these are KICK A** (Sorry I'm stayin' E-Rated... I think that's right XD... In the UK we don't have E, R or T... We have 3, 7, 12, 15/16 and 18)

4. Undecided but I'm probably going for Ambience pack 4 though... Other POSSIBLE choices I MIGHT go with but PROBABLY NOT...

-Bro Step

-Dubstep Vol.3

-House Vol.2

-Trap Vol.1

-Ambience pack 1

-Any Electronic pack

Ambience pack 6

3. Uploads

Currnetly I'm uploading Glitched Disco, a Glitch-hop focused Dubstep song that is kinda similar to The Laser Chamber...

Upcoming uploads are a Christmas one, (I know that's pretty early but screw it!) and a mix... Basically My plan is that my songs are sorted into vols. every 10 songs is 1 vol. and for every vol. I do a mix of all the music... I'll do something other than dubstep in vol. 2... Where I might have a valentimes one but maybe not... My plan is to make Vol. 2 mostly Ambient though...

If ANYONE did read this THANKS SO MUCH! It really does mean a lot to me... =,3 Please leave a comment, 'cause I'll be EAGER to read them!