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Posted by Doublechindoge7 - 1 month ago

I'm back, but not on this account. While I'm fine with being known as Doublechindoge7 online for casual stuff, I wanted to make a new name for my music-making persona, so from now on you can find all my music at Technocosm: https://technocosm.newgrounds.com/

Not only that, but I haven't been lazing around these past 15 months, I've been working on my biggest project yet! Avian Omens, a 6-track Dubstep EP where I've seriously put in the effort to up my game.

Again I just wanna say that I'm so sorry for leaving you guys hanging, but this was a lot of work. I often thought about just making a quick track or 2 inbetween to make the wait not so painful, but it was just never in the cards to happen. I also obviously didn't expect it to take this long - I was expecting another non-dubstep EP I had almost finished called Homeworld would be finished before Avian Omens and would help fill in the gap, but it's been over a year and I still don't have a final track for it that I'm happy with.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom - go over to Technocosm and see if you can get me scouted - then you can start these new tracks in Geometry Dash!


Posted by Doublechindoge7 - March 11th, 2019

Just finished a really difficult project, Interstellar. I am super proud of it, and I think it may be the best thing I've ever made! Sorry for the recent lack of content, it's getting harder to keep up my standards as they they are heightened; since my laptop isn't exactly very new or strong, and yes, I am STILL using only the demo of FL Studio!

As well as all that, I have been getting tracks done, but they have been for an upcoming EP - the Homeworld EP - and so they aren't getting released until all 6 tracks are complete. The EP itself is in a very different style from my usual work. It's a lot more chill, and it's kinda hard to explain; but it's supposed to be like nostalgiac music that sounds like it could have been from a game or movie from your childhood, but it isn't necessarily 8/16-bit, although I have used a decent amount of the Sega Megadrive Soundfont in it so far. The issue is, although the sound design is far less complex, that puts the focus on my note quality. Now I can make a good tune, I know the music theory to take something small and develop it into a fully fleshed out melody, it's just that small starting point is down to chance; so it takes ages to get started, but it's easy to get finished. At the very least, these are a LOT less strenuous on my laptop's health...



Posted by Doublechindoge7 - March 4th, 2018

   The Technology EP is finally finished! 3 will go up today, and 3 tomorrow (hopefully). It features 6 new tracks:

1. Prototype

2. Digits

3. Corrupted

4. Simulation

5. Army of Ones and Zeroes

6. Mechanical Multiverse


   In case you're interested, or if you don't know where to start, here's how i personally rank them and why:

6. Army of Ones and Zeroes:

   This is a pretty basic techno track using some of the FM synths I would use in my dubstep tracks, but applied in a much less crazy way, which is subjectively good. The thing is I had more fun making this than listening to it, I prefer my stuff crazy and unique, and I mainly made this just because a lot of people seem to like more basic stuff, so maybe they'll like this. Its simplicity in comparison to the others combined with being the oldest track knocks it down to the bottom for me, but I'm still happy with it

5. Prototype:

   This is the intro track, and it's a dubstep track with your typical robot FM voice shenanigans, combined with some trancey synths and some "retro" synths. I like it, but it's only the intro. Also, in hindsight I find it a little messy, but still pretty good IMO.

4. Mechanical Multiverse:

   This is the final, upbeat melodic dubstep track. Well... Actually, I'm not sure if it qualifies as melodic dubstep, but it has big saw chords and bassy reeses and modulation, so I think so. This would probably be higher up, but my laptop said it was going to restart for updates next time I closed my lid when this was only like a third done. Luckily it was the weekend if I remember right, but still I had to rush it to finish it. That's the problem, this is rushed. i tried my hardest still though so I think it's fine for the most part. There's a few areas towards the end with kinda questionable mastering, but I ran out of time to fix that...

3. Simulation:

   This is the only ambient track on the EP, it's pretty bassy, and I'm pretty happy with it. I had a lot of fun with the new Fruity Delay 3, being able to modulate time and sample rates between echoes was awesome for soundscaping. As well as that I got a whole lotta cool results just from filtering. You may think making ambient wold be completely different from dubstep, but it's surprisingly similar... Same sound design, different excecution. You still make wub wubs, but you slow them down, soften them, make them easy on the ear. At least that's how I did it and I'd consider the results pretty positive! =)

2. Corrupted:

   Here we are! Knowing me, of course the dubstep track would be high up the list, but what can I say? I just love dubstep! This had some pretty cool sound design behind it, including my discovery that you can RM modulate an FM modulator, and how to make the LAZER sounds. Yes, I actually didn't know how to make the generic laser sounds until now... High passing the reese bass was also pretty cool. Really, I love everything about this piece except in hindsight the beginning's a little slow!

1. Digits:

   The one thing that may have surprised you about this order, is that I put my glitch hop (I think, I still don't know the definition, just what it usually sounds like) above my dubstep track. This track was inspired by Meganeko's "Hack the Planet" Track, believe it or not, and started out as a minimalistic dance track. Then, I happened. I couldn't stay minimalistic, but as I moved away from the minimalism I just got a lucky streak of ideas that just worked. Honestly, I can't say anything negative about this track except the audio quality isn't quite as good as in Corrupted's drop. I am obviously biased because I made it, but that's how I feel about this track


   If you actually read all that, I genuinely, sincerely thank you. I really just like to talk about this stuff, and I don't get the chance to that often. It's nice to know I have listeners willing to listen to what I have to say, and not just how to 9 circles... =)


Posted by Doublechindoge7 - November 21st, 2017

I've kept you waiting almost 5 months... That's long enough


I've finally finished my paracosm EP, 6 pieces of varying styles and genres based on the theme of an imaginary world. From Utopia to Dystopia, 3 bright and cheerful and 3 dark and foreboding pieces. In case you're interested this is how I'd rank them, I'd love to hear what you think, all constructive criticism is very encouraged and welcomed!


6. Spirits

5. Psychological Birth

4. Memory Microcosm

3. Celestial Utopia

2. Totems

1. Nights


Although I have changed my mind about which way round the top 2 should be many times...

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - February 7th, 2017

You may have noticed my music production has REALLY slowed down recently.

   Now to clear everything up I just wanna say that I am not losing my passion for music production, I wouldn't blame you for thinking so, but that is not the case. In fact my passion to create is stronger than ever because I am beginning to feel like I have genuine potential to make it as a skilled dubstep producer if I work hard and stick to it. The reason I've been gone so long is actually crashes.

   Now I'm not a superstitious guy, but I am convinced I am cursed. Every single project I am genuinely massively proud of seems to crash... First there was the soul-crushing crash on Ascension, y'know the one I spent over 40 hours on over a whole month; then the highly anticipated Demon Slayer, even if it was overrated, I would've liked to have finished it; then Supergiant, then the second version of Supergiant; (which I never uploaded) and recently Black hole, and a draft of a drop you can find on my Youtube channel, which I believe is the best I have ever made; better than Black Hole, Ascension and maybe even Gods...

   The point is that all these pieces crash usually for no good reason, the most recent one was especially stupid. I wasn't touching my laptop, the lid was open, and there was nothing going on in the background. I leave it with the lid open for a bit while I play Overwatch with my friend, and suddenly it BLUE SCREENS and does a FULL RESET! How can you explain FLS BLUE SCREENING a laptop while it wasn't doing anything with anything but superstition?

   Anyway, now with my new skill and knowledge with sytrus and Massive I understand how many at first baffling dubstep tracks are made, which helps me become inspired by them. You often get much more effective inspiration from music you understand, and at first I didn't understand dubstep, but now I do I feel like there's so much I could do!


Posted by Doublechindoge7 - August 25th, 2016

   I just want to say, that I do not, nor will I ever claim to be perfect. I have no knowledge of music theory, no experience except what you see in my audio portal, and almost everything I know is self-taught bar a couple online tutorials.

   Why am I saying this? Have I been povoked? No. I just want this to be what you see when you click on my profile. I'm 14 but that does not mean I should be shamed for trying my hand at music making, it does not mean I'm stupid, I'm just a little more susceptible to mistakes than an adult. I have my regrets, and I will likely have more in future, I may even regret writing this. I accept that I will make mistakes and try to make up for them, though I may just have to accept them.

   I may do a few things to increase plays, but I swear I will never make a title misleading for the sake of popularity. If I ever break this promise, you are free to call me out on it and insult me however you like; however, before you accuse me of "Clickbaiting", learn that clickbaiting isn't a black and white situation. It's not just evil no matter how it's used, clickbaiting is fine as long as it is not misleading, or a flat out lie.

   Music isn't my job, music isn't a routine, music to me isn't work and chores. Music to me is fun, and a place to utilize constructive creativity, in the rare miraculous moments its beautiful face shows. Sometimes I will try to create when I run out of creativity, because I feel guilty about my silence, despite how little to others it may matter. Sadly it is usually in these situations of desperation and hopeless effort that I will make my mistakes, embarrasments and regrets, regardless of time, effort and love. Just know I tried, and what I make regardless of quality has had hours of care put into it, for no reward; Except a few minutes of appreciation from friends and family, and something to say about myself.

   I say all this, not to demand pity, but as a reminder to all of you and me too that I am human; and as a precaution. A precaution I don't let any accomplishments go to my head. A precaution to identify and protect myself from possible future hate. A precaution I do not become one of the haters to anyone undeserving of it. A precaution I don't forget the difference between constructive criticism and real harrasment. A precaution I don't step outa line and neither do you. A reminder of who I am and who you are. Something I will hopefully look back on to clear my head in harder times and give me the strength to do the right thing.


   Thank you for reading, that's more than most people would do. So as little of an accomplishment as it seems, give yourself a pat on the back for being patient through my ramblings, Maybe you'd like to spew your thoughts out; go ahead, you deserve to after reading all this, I listen to everything my readers, viewers and listeners have to say. It's the least I can do to repay you guys for caring enough to read or listen to what I have done and what I have to say. I may have times where I will go quiet, but I promise to be social as often as I can on here.

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - July 29th, 2016

   Apparently MMJ made music is against the rules on NG, so I've just spent half an hour deleting all my MMJ stuff, I was just talking with a mod and he mentioned it was against the rules and asked me to remove all my MMJ stuff. I always knew it was frowned upon but I find it suprising that I got scouted and so much attention on my MMJ stuff and the whole time no-one so much as batted an eyelid at this apparently forbidden content. Anyway it's gone and not coming back sorry...

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - July 18th, 2016


Posted by Doublechindoge7 - July 9th, 2016

I know I haven't uploaded as much as I should recently, it's just I've become a lot more original and learned a lot of new tricks I want to try, but originality takes time and the tricks don't always mix well so I keep having to cut and trim what I make. On top of that the biggest reason is that Worms from Uranus and Ascension crashed, both massive projects for me at the time that I had worked so hard on, both down the drain.

   On the bright side Scarred is showing promise and while still being almost as good as Worms from Uranus and Ascension it's nearly done! I've just exported a second backup of it and it's almost 6 minutes long already! After that is The Alien Lullaby remastered, which should be a nice break. Ambient is a lot easier than dubstep and while it does require a lot of mastering, it isn't as stressful as mastering the drop of Scarred, one loop needed 5 instances of Maximus stacked on top of each other combined with Fruity Blood Overdrive and Fast dist just to be heard!


Posted by Doublechindoge7 - June 23rd, 2016

   I created my account with google+ and so every time I sign in I just click "Sign in with Google +" However, this has stopped working, so has "Sign in with facebook" so now I have to sign in with my username and password, only problem is, no matter how many times I change my password back to what I could've sworn it was, it says it's wrong. It's happened more than once it's a cycle of:

1. Wrong password despite typing it in right

2. Changes it

3. Types in password and says it's correct

4. Comes back typing in same password, but it says it's wrong...

   No idea why it's happening, but I imagine me changing my password so much is a little suspicious, so I'm not sure if eventually it'll lock me out forever, so if I suddenly dissappear, that might be why...