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I make Dubstep.

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I'm back, but not on this account. While I'm fine with being known as Doublechindoge7 online for casual stuff, I wanted to make a new name for my music-making persona, so from now on you can find all my music at Technocosm: https://technocosm.newgrounds.com/

Not only that, but I haven't been lazing around these past 15 months, I've been working on my biggest project yet! Avian Omens, a 6-track Dubstep EP where I've seriously put in the effort to up my game.

Again I just wanna say that I'm so sorry for leaving you guys hanging, but this was a lot of work. I often thought about just making a quick track or 2 inbetween to make the wait not so painful, but it was just never in the cards to happen. I also obviously didn't expect it to take this long - I was expecting another non-dubstep EP I had almost finished called Homeworld would be finished before Avian Omens and would help fill in the gap, but it's been over a year and I still don't have a final track for it that I'm happy with.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom - go over to Technocosm and see if you can get me scouted - then you can start these new tracks in Geometry Dash!


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Crashed at Blind Mode. Can you hear an earthquake?

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Turn both colors into same colors. There is a special message if you do it right.

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Checked the More Games. So kissy in there.

The C Button 5 Points

Checked the Credit to know who and what are in there.

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Switched the square 12 times before hitting a switch.

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First time switched one of the switches. How does your finger feel?

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Crashed first time. Don't worry, it is used to be shaky here.

Professional 25 Points

Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)

Radioactive 25 Points

Use a nuke

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