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Just finished a really difficult project, Interstellar. I am super proud of it, and I think it may be the best thing I've ever made! Sorry for the recent lack of content, it's getting harder to keep up my standards as they they are heightened; since my laptop isn't exactly very new or strong, and yes, I am STILL using only the demo of FL Studio!

As well as all that, I have been getting tracks done, but they have been for an upcoming EP - the Homeworld EP - and so they aren't getting released until all 6 tracks are complete. The EP itself is in a very different style from my usual work. It's a lot more chill, and it's kinda hard to explain; but it's supposed to be like nostalgiac music that sounds like it could have been from a game or movie from your childhood, but it isn't necessarily 8/16-bit, although I have used a decent amount of the Sega Megadrive Soundfont in it so far. The issue is, although the sound design is far less complex, that puts the focus on my note quality. Now I can make a good tune, I know the music theory to take something small and develop it into a fully fleshed out melody, it's just that small starting point is down to chance; so it takes ages to get started, but it's easy to get finished. At the very least, these are a LOT less strenuous on my laptop's health...


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