I'm going holliday

2016-05-29 16:31:24 by Doublechindoge7

   Sorry to leave ya, but it's just for a week, I've left you some of my best works in a while to make up for it! I've made sure to upload Death, Spider Dance Remix, Unrelenting and probably most excitingly Cyborg! It may be the shortest of them, but it's the one I'm most proud of and I feel this marks a milestone for me.

   Also, just 'cause I've been trying hard recently, doesn't mean there's gonna be a decline in quality when I come back, I'll be ready to give it 100% again and I still have about 20 new GMS presets I've made I'm yet to use... Next up is the Megalovania remix and after that another ambient one that's actually already done, but I'm holding it back to be cut, it turned out way longer than expected, it's 12 minutes long....


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