So now you like MMJ?

2016-05-12 13:07:03 by Doublechindoge7

   I really struggled to get plays when I made music with MMJ, no joke, I was amazed when Level 99 got 10 plays! But now all of a sudden apparently you did like the MMJ music since that's gotten way ahead in popularity from FLS... Because of this, I have come to a decision...

   I was planning on ending my MMJ music at Vol.4 (so 40 would be the last one, I've made up to 32 and uploadedup to 25 right now...) but if you like it so much, I'll treat the MMJ music like the obligatory work and FLS like leisure, not like that's how it is... MMJ is fun and quicker, but that's how I'll treat it...

   As soon as NG decides I can upload another song (Seriously I hate this songs per day limit, it's WAY easier to not upload for a month and then upload everything you did while you were away than to do each one one by one...) You can be expecting:

- Metalic (Brostep)

- Obsessive Minecraft (Light (compared to my usual stuff at least...) dubstep)

- Dream Disco (Dance / Trance)

- Malware (Drum n Bass)

and after that I forgot what 30 was and you can Expect:

- Death (Hardcore Dubstep, also REALLY long, about 25 minutes)

- Nightfall (Ambient / trance)

- A trap song (unnamed and unfinished)


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