I'm sorry

2016-07-09 14:15:44 by Doublechindoge7

I know I haven't uploaded as much as I should recently, it's just I've become a lot more original and learned a lot of new tricks I want to try, but originality takes time and the tricks don't always mix well so I keep having to cut and trim what I make. On top of that the biggest reason is that Worms from Uranus and Ascension crashed, both massive projects for me at the time that I had worked so hard on, both down the drain.

   On the bright side Scarred is showing promise and while still being almost as good as Worms from Uranus and Ascension it's nearly done! I've just exported a second backup of it and it's almost 6 minutes long already! After that is The Alien Lullaby remastered, which should be a nice break. Ambient is a lot easier than dubstep and while it does require a lot of mastering, it isn't as stressful as mastering the drop of Scarred, one loop needed 5 instances of Maximus stacked on top of each other combined with Fruity Blood Overdrive and Fast dist just to be heard!



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