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... So this is wierd, and it shows that it's your first thing, but honestly, not too bad for a first. First of all let's get the nitpick out of the way: this is DEFINITELY NOT dubstep. Anyway, on with the real review.

So idk what you're using to make this, so you're gonna have to excuse the accusation if I'm wrong, but just judging by the strange combos of synths I'd have to assume you're using a lot of presets, although not every synth sounds like a preset, so props for making some yourself if you did. Anyway point is, if you are I reccomend you stop. I used presets at first, and looking back I feel they held me back... They can still be useful for inspiration, especially if you don't understand the purpose of the synth, but it's generally a bad idea to use them for your final product.

The general notes and composition of this is nice, but in terms of synth design, most are simple but effective; some, mostly the basses sound like they must be presets, but besides that thumbs up I guess... Oh, and I can only imagine you made whatever sound that is at 1:02, because it sounds far too strange to be a preset. While I feel it's out of place here I like this. It's off-tune, but as it's used as a riser, that isn't too jarring. If you could find a way to make it sound more in-tune and then modulate it, you might have yourself an interesting dubstep synth.

Now we've got all that out of the way, it's time for the real REAL review... (lenny) It's really hard to judge this song on most aspects because not knowing the process behind it makes it hard to know what criticisms are warranted and actually helpful, however there is one area I know I can critique helpfully, and that is the percussion... Which honestly, for a first song again, you did a pretty good job honestly. These samples don't sound like they've been mastered to your discredit, but they are good, and if whatever you use has anywhere near the amount of useless trash samples FL Studio has, I must commend you on the time you took searching for the good samples; especially the toms. The issue is, as I said before, the samples don't sound like they've been mastered, and mastering is probably most important on your percussion. If you ARE using FL Studio, or anything else that would have these plugins I would seriously reccomend looking into learning to use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 and Maximus. If you don't have either of those, you should still have an EQ and a compressor of some sort, you'll just have to find out what they're called. Also, Maximus is a multiband compressor, something that can set different levels of compression for a low mid and high band of frequencies, so if you can find a multiband compressor, even better! Anyway, you'll wanna learn how to use those, which might have to be through your own experience... I haven't seen many people that teach others how to use DAWs try making free samples sound good, I've noticed a running theme of many of them just saying it's really hard to do that and sticking to their better paid samples. So basically, you're kinda on your own there... I make do with free samples, so if you think my percussion is any good in my music you can ask me about that, but otherwise that might be something you have to learn yourself.

Wow, that's a lotta text, but guess what? I'm not even done talking about percussion yet, it's a lot more complex and difficult than it seems... To make good percussion, the percussion needs to have an impact, and one great way in electronic music we can artificially exaggerate, improve, and enhance this impact is sidechaining. You may have already heard of this since basically everyone who's made electronic music ever seems to do it in everything, and there's a reason for that... It's because it's easy and effective. Sidechaining is when you reduce the volume of everything else when the kick or snare or sometimes even clap hits for a short time. Sometimes subtly, but usually quite drastically, sometimes even right to 0. There are many ways to do it, I used to use a fruity peak controller and link it to a volume channel and invert the input, but eventually I thought it sounded better to simply do it with automation clips, some people even do it with Fruity Limiter somehow. Anyway, you're just gonna have to find which way suits you, but if you look it up on Youtube you should see like 100 tutorials of varying quality with different methods. But guess what? I'm still not done, but don't worry! This is my final piece of advice. I can't tell if you had it on this, but this is just something I tell new people in general. On FL Studio by default when you open it on the master channel all the audio goes through there's already a fruity limiter placed in the bottom slot that prevents the volume ever getting into the yellow or red. This is good for not making your music earrape, however, it's not good for your drums. I don't know whether most DAWs do this, or if it's just FL Studio, but either way if it does; you should basically always replace this limiter with some other compressor that allows you to get your volume into the yellow, and maybe dip into the red a little for breif moments when things like heavy snares come in.

Thanks for reading

I mean... What was I expecting?

corrixisdead responds:


This starts out promisingly, simple but effective square synth. The bit at 0:26 feels a bit empty, I know this is on purpose, but I would reccomend putting in some ambient sounds to fill the empty space; just something subtle. There's also the vocals, I don't really like that kinda stuff in dubstep, but whatever other people do...

Then there's the drop. I just want you to know I don't think it's trash, I had to give this a 3.5 because of the issues, but I think it shows promise. I'm guessing that's a granulizer, or maybe Serum (I don't have Serum, but from what little I've seen it looks like it makes basses from samples in a similar way to how a granulizer can). It's a pretty cool "bass", but it's way too much on the high end, it's too "light". It doesn't have as much "momentum" or "impact" to it as it should. Now you could either change the sound by making it more low pitched (if you are using samples then you could take a lower pitched sample), or you could keep the sound as it is, but put a reese bass under it. I mean, it doesn't have to be a reese, but just some "heavy" bass under the other synth, I just think a reese would do the job pretty well... I at this point I was bordering on a 4, but I have to give this 3.5 still, because as well as this the drop isn't very varied. It's that one sound, a guitar and vocals. It doesn't have to be super varied, but I find these more experimental "basses" work well in smaller doses. That brings me onto the final problem with the drop, it sounds kinda empty. This is easily solved, just put some chords or an arp under everything, but it's still there.

Then there's the percussion, choosing a clap over a bassy, powerful snare doesn't seem right for dubstep. It's just too weak. I know claps are easier to master, so I'm guessing since this is apparently your first track, you chose them 'cause you were struggling with snares. I'm sorry if that isn't true, I don't like to assume negative things; but I did it in the past, and I wouldn't blame you if you have. All I can say is, I'd reccomend against it. It's probably gonna be hard, and you won't get results fast, but try learning to make some good snares. Again; sorry if that isn't the case, I'm not trying to patronise you, it's just really hard to see how experienced you are from this piece. Some thimgs would lead me to say novice, some pro.

From there on out, not much more to say, just maybe add a kick to that ending to make it more powerful. Overall promising, while flawed track. It's closer to a 4 than a 3 to me, so I voted 4 for you ;). Just fill these tracks up and make sure your sounds have power, but the result is still entertaining. I'll have my eye on you to get you scouted.

Amethystic responds:

Thanks so much for the opinion, you are right, i kinda felt like it's empty too but i really couldn't do anything to make it sound good. And yes, i use samples and i'll try to do what you told me. The vocals, i've put them there just cuz i feel like it gives the track a little bit more life.

Thanks again !

Bossfight, if you ever read this, I am truly impressed. I always regarded you as a good composer, but nothing extraordinary. Simple but pleasant, a solid 7/10 but rarely better. I was wrong. Up until Milky Ways Redux I only saw you asjust another composer on Newgrounds. Then that interested me, but I wasn't convinced it wasn't a fluke. Just one of those times everything went right. Then came Sonder. I was absolutely blown away! I can honestly say I've never heard anything as good as it. Then Elevatia came as a blessing and a curse... To me it was proof you had improved, but I didn't see it as much new, so I thought this would begin a decline back into your old 7/10 self. Once again I was wrong. Delete was a pleasant surprise, but I still felt like this wasn't Bossfight, this had to just be another one of those times everything went right. I was wrong, and hopefully for the last time. This EP has blown me away. Pretty ironic that I used to regard you as one of the most generic composers on NG, because I can honestly say, I consider you now to be one the best composer ever in my eyes and one of the most innovative.

The song itself has immaculate basses unlike anything I've heard before and the opening has a beautifully satisfying syncopation to it, the sound design is immersive and even paracosmic, and the drums are hard-hitting. What else could you want?


A nice chill track, but lacking in detail and variety. Not much to say.

What have we here? A unique Glitch hop/8-bit/Elctro/Dubstep atmospheric track? This is really strange, a VERY nice surprise, especially to see in unscouted! I'm probably gonna scout you! The bitcrushing, the haunting reeverbs and delays, the powerful drums; the highpassing, the strange general composition, it's great! I really can't describe what makes this track great!

4.5 stars!

Good first try! That's a real good start! I couldn't rate it any higher because it's too simple and repetitive, but it sets the mood well.

Oh wow that was good, in fact it's so good I'm gonna have to check you didn't steal this before I scout you, 'cause it's EXTREMELY rare I see dupstep of this quality in the unscouted area, I check unscouted A LOT and the only guy who made anything near as good as this is Zerryx. I scouted him and within 3 days he had 10s of thousands of views on his work.

Anyway, usualy in my reviews I write about 5 paragraphs about the buildup, drop, break, end, and some other major issue with the track, and then have a little paragraph to compliment the creator and conclusion. But to be honest, there isn't much to say here... It's just a solid, if a bit generic dubstep track.

The only thing I really think I should mention is your drop. The high-pitched FM is weak and harsh on the ears, this might seriously be a 5 If you could make your FM basses well... Bassy... There's no "weight" or "impact" to them, because they're all high screams and fizzes instead of low roars, deep growls and sharp plucks. This is also a lack of variety, and variety is modulation, and modulation is EVERYTHING in dubstep.

Besides that, just a couple nitpicks.... I do like how your chiptune arp stands out, but it sounds TOO detached from the mix, as if it isn't a part of the track, it kinda breaks the immersion. Also that fade-out was a weak ending, a strong Bassy hit with a big reverb would've been MUCH better...

This does show potential, the rhythm and syncopation of dubstep is perfected here, which is something I personally struggled to do initially in my tracks. It's just a weak drop, and a bit generic... Work a bit on your synth design and you could be a top-quality producer!

Good quality, but TBH kinda boring...

Also, do you put bagels in the tags of ALL your music?

GalacticPenguinz responds:

Maybe, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wow, that was beautiful!

The pianos have a perfect balance of power and softness, the reverbs perfectly fill the gaps, and it's simply emotional. The pluck synths are surprisingly varied and compliment the voice and instrumentation very well, and the voice, Jesus! Your voice is amazing, even if it is autotuned, it's good autotuning! The little effects like the tape stops are the icing on the cake.

Then the drop is crazy, energetic and very unpredictable, perfectly complimenting the syncopated style of dubstep. I do have criticisms about this piece, but not many of them, one of them being the drop does have a bit too much "White noise". Still, there is amazing use of juxtaposing volumes, and amazing variety.

The singing is a little repetitive, but I've heard MUCH more annoyingly repetitive lyrics, so it's fine. As well as that, it's worth mentioning I hate music with vocals usually, so it's even more impressive you made something with lyrics enjoyable for me.

I understand the kinda mood of this song works better with higher pitches, but one complaint I do have is I feel there isn't enough bass at the drops. Sometimes it feels like there's a real lack of power and momentum with the synths due to this.

Still, the attention to detail, simple quality; variety, uniqueness, mood; basically everything else about this track is perfect and gets it its 5 stars. The only other complaint I have is that the ending's a little too sudden, very minor complaint.

Overall score: 94/100
This is now overall my 4th favourite song of all time drawn with "Fireflies" by Seamless

Little top 5 for those are curious =)

1. HighScore - Pandaeyes - 97/100
2. Sine Wavs - Rukkus - 96/100
3. Supernova - XTrullor - 95/100
4. Fireflies - Seamless - 94/100
Beauty of a Godess - C-Enterprise - 94/100
5. Sharp Minor - Rukkus - 92/100

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