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Much of the same as Runny Square, only I prefer this one because it's not so much of a ball buster... Runny square was so annoyingly hard it almost felt luck based, this feels very balanced and reasonable, due to this I was luckily able to get all the medals except Burning Kiss (32 kisses) and Lovely Kiss (64 kisses), Though I did NEARLY get 32 kisses... I like it and again, I have some medal recommendations...

It's got to be here somewhere... - Exit the Colours menu and start a game while everything is Black or white - 25pts.
Bright as the sun - Turn all customisable colours to white - 10pts.
Icarus - Kiss with Bright as the sun mode on - 25pts.
Good listener - Perform 10 kisses while everything is black or white (Not in 1 game) - 75pts.
Photographic Memory - Navigate Yourself through every menu while everything is black or white - 50pts.
Well that was annoying - Press every single button in the game at least once while everything is black and do it again while everything is white - 75pts.
It's too late! - Try to stop yourself after they switch sides - 5pts.
Awkward... - Brush against each other without kissing - 25pts.
Distant Admirer - Just look at each other for a minute... - 10pts.
Overconfident - Charge right forward as soon as the game starts - 5pts.
No Fear - Get a kiss without hesitating - 10pts.
Direct kiss - Get a kiss perfectly aligned - 15pts.
At the first opportunity - Get a kiss before the second bounce - 10pts.
Dramatic Romance - Get a prefect kiss by not hesitating, getting it before the second bounce, getting it perfectly aligned and with only red colours (any colour where B and G = 0 and the R is at least 1) - 100pts.

First of all thanks for the 220 free points! XD

This is basic and I appreciate it for its... Generosity... With medals

I just have a few recommendations for more medals:

Dizzy - Spin in a circle 5 times in a row without crashing - 20pts.
Nope... - do a U turn - 15pts.
esreveR - Complete a lap in reverse - 75pts
Cheaters never win - Go behind the start line and then pass it again - 25pts.
Close Call - Be at most only 2 pixels away from the wall - 50pts.
Why? - Die very close the next lap - 10pts.
WHY!? - Die very close the next lap with 10 points - 75pts.
WHY U SO MEAN!? - Die very close the next lap with 31 points - 100pts.
WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME CRUEL AND SATANIC WORLD!? - Die very close the next lap with 99 points - 500pts.

I understand the last one is steep but... Whatever...

Last thing... The points you get for medals don't make sense to me sometimes... Not a big issue, but it really nagged me... For instance:

I get 100 pts. for dying 64 times which is easy but for persisting on and on to get a score of 8 I get 10pts.? I spent 40 minutes trying to get a score of 8 and that's all I get!?

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Usually I think of some 1-5 paragraph long review because I feel that people just saying good is boring... But that's really all I can say...

(Wow, to think that I wrote a 7 paragraph comment on a Flappy Bird clone about the stock market, yet I couldn't think of more than 1 word for a simple yet complex at the same time puzzle game...)

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I mean... What was I expecting?

corrixisdead responds:


This starts out promisingly, simple but effective square synth. The bit at 0:26 feels a bit empty, I know this is on purpose, but I would reccomend putting in some ambient sounds to fill the empty space; just something subtle. There's also the vocals, I don't really like that kinda stuff in dubstep, but whatever other people do...

Then there's the drop. I just want you to know I don't think it's trash, I had to give this a 3.5 because of the issues, but I think it shows promise. I'm guessing that's a granulizer, or maybe Serum (I don't have Serum, but from what little I've seen it looks like it makes basses from samples in a similar way to how a granulizer can). It's a pretty cool "bass", but it's way too much on the high end, it's too "light". It doesn't have as much "momentum" or "impact" to it as it should. Now you could either change the sound by making it more low pitched (if you are using samples then you could take a lower pitched sample), or you could keep the sound as it is, but put a reese bass under it. I mean, it doesn't have to be a reese, but just some "heavy" bass under the other synth, I just think a reese would do the job pretty well... I at this point I was bordering on a 4, but I have to give this 3.5 still, because as well as this the drop isn't very varied. It's that one sound, a guitar and vocals. It doesn't have to be super varied, but I find these more experimental "basses" work well in smaller doses. That brings me onto the final problem with the drop, it sounds kinda empty. This is easily solved, just put some chords or an arp under everything, but it's still there.

Then there's the percussion, choosing a clap over a bassy, powerful snare doesn't seem right for dubstep. It's just too weak. I know claps are easier to master, so I'm guessing since this is apparently your first track, you chose them 'cause you were struggling with snares. I'm sorry if that isn't true, I don't like to assume negative things; but I did it in the past, and I wouldn't blame you if you have. All I can say is, I'd reccomend against it. It's probably gonna be hard, and you won't get results fast, but try learning to make some good snares. Again; sorry if that isn't the case, I'm not trying to patronise you, it's just really hard to see how experienced you are from this piece. Some thimgs would lead me to say novice, some pro.

From there on out, not much more to say, just maybe add a kick to that ending to make it more powerful. Overall promising, while flawed track. It's closer to a 4 than a 3 to me, so I voted 4 for you ;). Just fill these tracks up and make sure your sounds have power, but the result is still entertaining. I'll have my eye on you to get you scouted.

Amethystic responds:

Thanks so much for the opinion, you are right, i kinda felt like it's empty too but i really couldn't do anything to make it sound good. And yes, i use samples and i'll try to do what you told me. The vocals, i've put them there just cuz i feel like it gives the track a little bit more life.

Thanks again !

Bossfight, if you ever read this, I am truly impressed. I always regarded you as a good composer, but nothing extraordinary. Simple but pleasant, a solid 7/10 but rarely better. I was wrong. Up until Milky Ways Redux I only saw you asjust another composer on Newgrounds. Then that interested me, but I wasn't convinced it wasn't a fluke. Just one of those times everything went right. Then came Sonder. I was absolutely blown away! I can honestly say I've never heard anything as good as it. Then Elevatia came as a blessing and a curse... To me it was proof you had improved, but I didn't see it as much new, so I thought this would begin a decline back into your old 7/10 self. Once again I was wrong. Delete was a pleasant surprise, but I still felt like this wasn't Bossfight, this had to just be another one of those times everything went right. I was wrong, and hopefully for the last time. This EP has blown me away. Pretty ironic that I used to regard you as one of the most generic composers on NG, because I can honestly say, I consider you now to be one the best composer ever in my eyes and one of the most innovative.

The song itself has immaculate basses unlike anything I've heard before and the opening has a beautifully satisfying syncopation to it, the sound design is immersive and even paracosmic, and the drums are hard-hitting. What else could you want?


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Beautiful and once again, intimidating... Much of the same to be said here...

SmokingFrog responds:

it will be a nightmare to animate ..

Nice, it still fits into the style, while looking unique compared to the other machines and it's intimidating, but still doesn't like over the top or boss-like...

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SmokingFrog responds:

Nice to hear that!
I had the fear that didn't coincide with the overall style.
Thanks for the feedback

Good design

SmokingFrog responds:

thanks, the pity is that at this stage, i'm unable to show the reasons behind the form.
Once i get finished the concepts ( at least half of the list), i will proceed to illustrate some ad posters to work as a sort of explanation.

I am very fond of making music and animations... But in terms of animation I have Pivot and for music I have the demo of FLS 12 and MMJ... Hopefully one day I'll get proper stuff =/

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