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Much of the same as Runny Square, only I prefer this one because it's not so much of a ball buster... Runny square was so annoyingly hard it almost felt luck based, this feels very balanced and reasonable, due to this I was luckily able to get all the medals except Burning Kiss (32 kisses) and Lovely Kiss (64 kisses), Though I did NEARLY get 32 kisses... I like it and again, I have some medal recommendations...

It's got to be here somewhere... - Exit the Colours menu and start a game while everything is Black or white - 25pts.
Bright as the sun - Turn all customisable colours to white - 10pts.
Icarus - Kiss with Bright as the sun mode on - 25pts.
Good listener - Perform 10 kisses while everything is black or white (Not in 1 game) - 75pts.
Photographic Memory - Navigate Yourself through every menu while everything is black or white - 50pts.
Well that was annoying - Press every single button in the game at least once while everything is black and do it again while everything is white - 75pts.
It's too late! - Try to stop yourself after they switch sides - 5pts.
Awkward... - Brush against each other without kissing - 25pts.
Distant Admirer - Just look at each other for a minute... - 10pts.
Overconfident - Charge right forward as soon as the game starts - 5pts.
No Fear - Get a kiss without hesitating - 10pts.
Direct kiss - Get a kiss perfectly aligned - 15pts.
At the first opportunity - Get a kiss before the second bounce - 10pts.
Dramatic Romance - Get a prefect kiss by not hesitating, getting it before the second bounce, getting it perfectly aligned and with only red colours (any colour where B and G = 0 and the R is at least 1) - 100pts.

First of all thanks for the 220 free points! XD

This is basic and I appreciate it for its... Generosity... With medals

I just have a few recommendations for more medals:

Dizzy - Spin in a circle 5 times in a row without crashing - 20pts.
Nope... - do a U turn - 15pts.
esreveR - Complete a lap in reverse - 75pts
Cheaters never win - Go behind the start line and then pass it again - 25pts.
Close Call - Be at most only 2 pixels away from the wall - 50pts.
Why? - Die very close the next lap - 10pts.
WHY!? - Die very close the next lap with 10 points - 75pts.
WHY U SO MEAN!? - Die very close the next lap with 31 points - 100pts.
WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME CRUEL AND SATANIC WORLD!? - Die very close the next lap with 99 points - 500pts.

I understand the last one is steep but... Whatever...

Last thing... The points you get for medals don't make sense to me sometimes... Not a big issue, but it really nagged me... For instance:

I get 100 pts. for dying 64 times which is easy but for persisting on and on to get a score of 8 I get 10pts.? I spent 40 minutes trying to get a score of 8 and that's all I get!?


Usually I think of some 1-5 paragraph long review because I feel that people just saying good is boring... But that's really all I can say...

(Wow, to think that I wrote a 7 paragraph comment on a Flappy Bird clone about the stock market, yet I couldn't think of more than 1 word for a simple yet complex at the same time puzzle game...)

Nothing ground breaking but it was fun and besides a couple of exploits on the last blue square levels glitch free... Also it was a great reward to see "CONGRADULATIONS!" XD

Sean-Thomas responds:

Thank you :D haha yeah I know it's not much but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks :)


After playing this for a while and slowly getting all of the achievements (Except Master and Godly) I think I finally have the fairest decision...

First let's list why this is THE BEST WORST GAME EVER!
- Seriously? Flappy Economics? Stupid click bait
- The whole deadweight and tax thing was just random so you have to suffer consequences based on luck on a skill game... LUCK AND SKILL DO NOT MIX!
- You probably didn't even notice that EVERY TIME YOU PLAY a random event increases or decreases your demand and/or stock and tampers with the pipe length... This is horrible because random events should be interesting... Things become more interesting when they become rare... This happens every 20 seconds and only has a small influence despite the mini-wall of text you won't be bothered to read...
- NO care AT ALL for the late gameplay, for a couple of reasons...
1. The more you play the harder it gets and after playing this for nearly 2 hours (God did I just admit I spent 2 hours on this to the malicious little internet?) I found the only way to make it easier was if either your stock or demand went down, but even if you get that to happen the blue pipe it adds in (I'll get back to that) doesn't exactly help and the change is so slight you may as well not even have it, so pretty much the more you play the harder it gets and you can't do anything about it...
2.Since the late game is VERY lazily programmed it's glitchy and boring, in fact I saw the bottom of the pipe where it just cuts off on 9 occasions because the pipes were so unforgivingly extended
3.The upgrades don't do anything except get you more money to get more upgrades which is pointless! You can make the supply and demand unbalanced but 9 times out of 10 it backfires and they don't do ANYTHING else, it's satisfying at first, but it doesn't take long before upgrading turns monotonous
4. THIS JUST SHOWS HOW LAZY THE PROGRAMMING IS AT TIMES! Once you get to a certain point some achievements become impossible! YES! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! After getting every upgrade I tried to get Master by scoring 30 or over, but by this point the pipes actually HAVE NO GAP by 27, so I got all the way to 27 and then a wall with no way through over or under appeared and killed me! This was with the demand down as well!

- Flappy bird only gave me 5 minutes of entertainment because it never felt possible and if I did progress nothing changes but this has a sense of progression from the upgrades so it feels possible!
- Achievements give progression purpose
- This is a Flappy game with some originality... Let that sink in for a second...

So in conclusion it looks like I should give this a 1 star... I mean I ripped it apart in the negative section and pretty much all I said in the positive is it's better than most Flappy clones which isn't saying much AT ALL!


Because I went in too deep...

As atrocious as this game can be, it only really shows when you go for about 40 minutes... and this was NOT made to be played for too long, as a game to regularly replay and revisit this is a s**t pile...

But as a quick game to play for a couple of minutes... Great job...

FreeEconHelp responds:

I apologize for causing you torment, but thank you for the review!

REALLY MEH! Sorry, but this was WAY too short... You didn't really do anything wrong but you didn't do anything amazing and I get this is a joke but the least you could've done is made different endings... Sorry... Don't wanna come off as harsh but this is REALLY bland...

At least I chose 2.5 stars not 1 or something like that...

solongshrimp responds:

Construct 2 limits the event sheets for free users :(
I wanted like 5 endings but given my tools I wanted to keep it simple. It's not supposed to be amazing but I'm sorry if it bored you.

Very interesting and serene... But I have 1 MASSIVE problem with it that knocked 1.5 stars off... The gameplay is REALLY tedious... I would've been disappointed if it was shorter but I'd like it more... Don't make it tedious to make it a bit longer...


This is visually great and the idea is simply awesome but EVERYTHING IS AWKWARD... Shooting is awkward and annoying, dodging is awkward and annoying, movement is awkward and annoying and because of this I have VERY conflicted opinions on this game, part of me wants to rate this 0 and part of me wants to rate this 5 so I decided 2.5 would be the best idea...

I will admit I didn't have good first impressions on this game... It looked bland and like an old PS1 game... I don't think you should've done the 3D Model on the title screen, but luckily I was desperate to play a 2D Space shooter so I gave this a chance...

Even though I would've liked less upgrades that were really similar to others (Especially increase MP and cut MP usage) This game is Amazing! The Bosses are fun and it did something I didn't think it would do that won me over... It felt a lot like the very first game I ever played, RaidenX

I'm sorry if this makes me a little biased because of my nostalgia... but back when I was 2 my Dad had more free time so one time he was playing a game called Raiden X and I started watching him, then he let me have a go, because I was curious, the difficulty was pretty unforgiving and I'd never played a game before so I obviously didn't do well...

This drove me to trying to beat my first game... Every day when I came back from nursery I would ask my dad to put it on and I trained and trained... When I was 3 I made it to the 2nd Boss... When I was 4 I got halfway there but got seriously stuck on level 5... When I was 5 I finally beat the game... and I found that when you beat it you restart with however many lives you finshed with, and since there was only 2 1-ups in the whole game it was usually A LOT less...Since you can save games I challenged myself to complete it 10 times in a row... When I was 6 I did just that... and finally when I was 7 I beat it 26 times in 1 run! I lost then... I barely ever played it after that and now I'm back to being stuck on level 5 XD

So since I have SOOOOOO many memories of that game and this game reminds me of it in its design (in terms of enemies) I'm probably VERY nostalgically biased, because the 1 thing I wanted Raiden X to change was to be easier... And this is DEFINITELY easier...

Sorry if I rambled on, but I love going back to those memories... Also if you're interested I played it on a website called Gamefudge... That website was a lot of my early childhood and my first experiences with video games...

Oh no! I think I broke the game... =/ When the game appeared I accidentally squished the ball against the wall and now nothing will happen and the ball won't respawn, I'm clicking EVERYWHERE... Is this part of the game or a real glitch? Please tell me... ;(

Kamizoto responds:

My bad! I accidently removed a line of code in my last bug fixes! It should work again now. The ball should respawn if it disappears.
Sorry. :)

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