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Beautiful and once again, intimidating... Much of the same to be said here...

SmokingFrog responds:

it will be a nightmare to animate ..

Nice, it still fits into the style, while looking unique compared to the other machines and it's intimidating, but still doesn't like over the top or boss-like...

SmokingFrog responds:

Nice to hear that!
I had the fear that didn't coincide with the overall style.
Thanks for the feedback

Good design

SmokingFrog responds:

thanks, the pity is that at this stage, i'm unable to show the reasons behind the form.
Once i get finished the concepts ( at least half of the list), i will proceed to illustrate some ad posters to work as a sort of explanation.

Not much to say but good design and nice attention to detail in both the drawing and description...

Well this was nice to see after leaving NG for I think it was 3 months...

Great stuff as usual!

Really great as usual! =D I just can't say much I didn't already say for the light ver.

Cool, I've gotta say, this looks like it should be on a professional game cover! In fact I think it's better than the average game cover...

Noyce! ;)

What is this a cowboy? A bandit? A mechanic? An archaeologist? ... Or is it a cowboy-bandit-mechanic that's an archaeologist? XD

Whoever he is... He looks very equipped...

This guy looks like the tools guy, the one with the best weapons and the most utilities just in case...

If he was supposed to be smart, mysterious, cunning and useful or... handy or... I don't know the exact word for it but I think you know what I mean... Then you've done a good job

I'M BACK! I'm new to newgrounds so I didn't know how to get back until now, I'm following you so I can back here easily...

Wow! I'm loving these mechanical enemies & characters, I think this would work better if it was a boss and made bigger, because it's intimidating and there'd be a lot of potential for detail if it was larger, but still awesome with the furnace face! If you're going for a mechanical theme, then I'm even more excited, 'cause I'm a big fan of mechanical artwork!

This makes me think of a steampunk mine kinda atmosphere which I love! Hope to see more art from you soon! =)

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