Precautions - So you and me stay in line

2016-08-25 20:20:46 by Doublechindoge7

   I just want to say, that I do not, nor will I ever claim to be perfect. I have no knowledge of music theory, no experience except what you see in my audio portal, and almost everything I know is self-taught bar a couple online tutorials.

   Why am I saying this? Have I been povoked? No. I just want this to be what you see when you click on my profile. I'm 14 but that does not mean I should be shamed for trying my hand at music making, it does not mean I'm stupid, I'm just a little more susceptible to mistakes than an adult. I have my regrets, and I will likely have more in future, I may even regret writing this. I accept that I will make mistakes and try to make up for them, though I may just have to accept them.

   I may do a few things to increase plays, but I swear I will never make a title misleading for the sake of popularity. If I ever break this promise, you are free to call me out on it and insult me however you like; however, before you accuse me of "Clickbaiting", learn that clickbaiting isn't a black and white situation. It's not just evil no matter how it's used, clickbaiting is fine as long as it is not misleading, or a flat out lie.

   Music isn't my job, music isn't a routine, music to me isn't work and chores. Music to me is fun, and a place to utilize constructive creativity, in the rare miraculous moments its beautiful face shows. Sometimes I will try to create when I run out of creativity, because I feel guilty about my silence, despite how little to others it may matter. Sadly it is usually in these situations of desperation and hopeless effort that I will make my mistakes, embarrasments and regrets, regardless of time, effort and love. Just know I tried, and what I make regardless of quality has had hours of care put into it, for no reward; Except a few minutes of appreciation from friends and family, and something to say about myself.

   I say all this, not to demand pity, but as a reminder to all of you and me too that I am human; and as a precaution. A precaution I don't let any accomplishments go to my head. A precaution to identify and protect myself from possible future hate. A precaution I do not become one of the haters to anyone undeserving of it. A precaution I don't forget the difference between constructive criticism and real harrasment. A precaution I don't step outa line and neither do you. A reminder of who I am and who you are. Something I will hopefully look back on to clear my head in harder times and give me the strength to do the right thing.


   Thank you for reading, that's more than most people would do. So as little of an accomplishment as it seems, give yourself a pat on the back for being patient through my ramblings, Maybe you'd like to spew your thoughts out; go ahead, you deserve to after reading all this, I listen to everything my readers, viewers and listeners have to say. It's the least I can do to repay you guys for caring enough to read or listen to what I have done and what I have to say. I may have times where I will go quiet, but I promise to be social as often as I can on here.


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2016-09-01 06:57:37


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2016-09-11 12:42:57

Don't stop making music dude!

(btw im lightbooster)

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Thanks! =)


2016-10-04 09:00:44

Pls finish Demon Slayer ;-; I love that song so much!

Doublechindoge7 responds:

I don't remember the notes, I only remember that they were in the scale of C#Major...


2016-10-06 13:07:04

edgy post m8 gz

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