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Why am I slowing down?

Posted by Doublechindoge7 - February 7th, 2017

You may have noticed my music production has REALLY slowed down recently.

   Now to clear everything up I just wanna say that I am not losing my passion for music production, I wouldn't blame you for thinking so, but that is not the case. In fact my passion to create is stronger than ever because I am beginning to feel like I have genuine potential to make it as a skilled dubstep producer if I work hard and stick to it. The reason I've been gone so long is actually crashes.

   Now I'm not a superstitious guy, but I am convinced I am cursed. Every single project I am genuinely massively proud of seems to crash... First there was the soul-crushing crash on Ascension, y'know the one I spent over 40 hours on over a whole month; then the highly anticipated Demon Slayer, even if it was overrated, I would've liked to have finished it; then Supergiant, then the second version of Supergiant; (which I never uploaded) and recently Black hole, and a draft of a drop you can find on my Youtube channel, which I believe is the best I have ever made; better than Black Hole, Ascension and maybe even Gods...

   The point is that all these pieces crash usually for no good reason, the most recent one was especially stupid. I wasn't touching my laptop, the lid was open, and there was nothing going on in the background. I leave it with the lid open for a bit while I play Overwatch with my friend, and suddenly it BLUE SCREENS and does a FULL RESET! How can you explain FLS BLUE SCREENING a laptop while it wasn't doing anything with anything but superstition?

   Anyway, now with my new skill and knowledge with sytrus and Massive I understand how many at first baffling dubstep tracks are made, which helps me become inspired by them. You often get much more effective inspiration from music you understand, and at first I didn't understand dubstep, but now I do I feel like there's so much I could do!


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