2016 Submissions

Why does anything good I make crash? Dubstep Song
Perilous Peak - VG loop Video Game Song
DCD7 - Overcome Dubstep Song
DCD7 - Ice Cap Zone Remix Dubstep Song
Future Bass Experimentation Dubstep Loop
Antagonist - Dubstep loop Dubstep Loop
Again - Dance loop Dance Song
DCD7 - Future Echoes (instrumental) Dance Song
Toy Terrace - VG loop Video Game Loop
DCD7 - Gods Dubstep Song
Left behind - Tense ambient Ambient Song
Gods - Preview Dubstep Song
Bloodlust (Learning how to use Harmor in dubstep) Dubstep Loop
DCD7 - Sacred ("Sinestep") - FLS Dubstep Song
DCD7 - .: TheFatRat - Monody :. Remix! House Song
My first attempt at dubstep (bad) Dubstep Song
DCD7 - Ascension (cut) Dubstep Song
FLS - Volcanic Core Video Game Song
Hostile - Preview (Crashed) Drum N Bass Loop
CBoCC - Battle music B - DCD7 Dance Song
CBOCC - Battle music A - DCD7 Dance Song
CBoCC - Menu music - DCD7 Techno Song
DCD7 - A New World - FLS House Song
Supergiant - (Crashed Project) Drum N Bass Song
Ice Trap - (Trap loop) House Loop
Cubotics (please read desc.) Dubstep Loop
Lively BGM (for youtubers) House Loop
FLS 12 - Expansion (OLD) Video Game Song
DEMON SLAYER - Preview Dubstep Song
FLS 12 - Spirit Shrine Video Game Loop
FLS 12 - Sky Summit Video Game Loop
FLS 12 - Factory Zone Loop Video Game Loop
FLS 12 - Water World Video Game Loop
FLS 12 - Metal Palm Trees House Loop
FLS 12 - Scarred Dubstep Song
Preview: Scarred Techno Loop
What's left of 28. Ascension (Read Desc.) Dubstep Song
FLS 12 - Another Dubstep Experiment Dubstep Loop
FLS 12 - Melodic Dubstep Experiment Dubstep Loop
FLS 12 - Dubstep with only 3xOsc Dubstep Loop
FLS 12 - Miracle (Misc.) Techno Song
FLS 12 - Still (Loop) Classical Song
FLS 12 - AdVancE Dubstep Song
FLS 12 - Cyborg (Loop) (Modified) Dubstep Loop
FLS 12 - Cyborg (Loop) Dubstep Loop
FLS12.2 (Demo) - Unrelenting Drum N Bass Song
FLS12.2 (Demo) - The Spider Dance Remix Drum N Bass Song
FLS12.2 (Demo) - Fight or Flight remastered House Song
FLS12(Demo) - Persistance Techno Song
FLS12.2 (Demo) - Recurring (Loop) Classical Loop
FLS12.2 (Demo) - The Void (Bad) Drum N Bass Song
FLS12.2 (Demo) Dilemas (Bad) Drum N Bass Song
(WIP) Fight or Flight Remastered Preview House Song
FLS12(Demo) - Salad Fingers Theme Remix (Beware the Friendly Stranger) Drum N Bass Song
FLS12(Demo) - Piece Trance Song
FLS12(Demo) - Bittersweet House Song
FLS(Demo) - Wonder Drum N Bass Song
FLS(Demo) - Haven Trance Song
FLS(Demo) - The Light Ambient Song
FLS(Demo) - Cloudy Heights Techno Song
FLS(Demo) - Light-hearted Techno Song
FLS(Demo) - Destiny (READ DESC.) Drum N Bass Song
FLS12(Demo) - Venom Drum N Bass Song
FLS12(Demo) - Twilight Halls Dubstep Song
FLS12(DEMO) - Alien Lullaby Trance Song
FLS12(DEMO) - Fight or Flight - Techno Song
FLS12 (Demo) - Circuits - Drum N Bass Song
FLS12 (Demo) - Concentration - Techno Song
FLS12 (Demo) - Hero - Techno Song
FLS 12 (Demo) - Glass Cannon - House Song

2015 Submissions

How to nine circles Miscellaneous Song