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Kissy Square Kissy Square

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Much of the same as Runny Square, only I prefer this one because it's not so much of a ball buster... Runny square was so annoyingly hard it almost felt luck based, this feels very balanced and reasonable, due to this I was luckily able to get all the medals except Burning Kiss (32 kisses) and Lovely Kiss (64 kisses), Though I did NEARLY get 32 kisses... I like it and again, I have some medal recommendations...

It's got to be here somewhere... - Exit the Colours menu and start a game while everything is Black or white - 25pts.
Bright as the sun - Turn all customisable colours to white - 10pts.
Icarus - Kiss with Bright as the sun mode on - 25pts.
Good listener - Perform 10 kisses while everything is black or white (Not in 1 game) - 75pts.
Photographic Memory - Navigate Yourself through every menu while everything is black or white - 50pts.
Well that was annoying - Press every single button in the game at least once while everything is black and do it again while everything is white - 75pts.
It's too late! - Try to stop yourself after they switch sides - 5pts.
Awkward... - Brush against each other without kissing - 25pts.
Distant Admirer - Just look at each other for a minute... - 10pts.
Overconfident - Charge right forward as soon as the game starts - 5pts.
No Fear - Get a kiss without hesitating - 10pts.
Direct kiss - Get a kiss perfectly aligned - 15pts.
At the first opportunity - Get a kiss before the second bounce - 10pts.
Dramatic Romance - Get a prefect kiss by not hesitating, getting it before the second bounce, getting it perfectly aligned and with only red colours (any colour where B and G = 0 and the R is at least 1) - 100pts.

Runny Square Runny Square

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all thanks for the 220 free points! XD

This is basic and I appreciate it for its... Generosity... With medals

I just have a few recommendations for more medals:

Dizzy - Spin in a circle 5 times in a row without crashing - 20pts.
Nope... - do a U turn - 15pts.
esreveR - Complete a lap in reverse - 75pts
Cheaters never win - Go behind the start line and then pass it again - 25pts.
Close Call - Be at most only 2 pixels away from the wall - 50pts.
Why? - Die very close the next lap - 10pts.
WHY!? - Die very close the next lap with 10 points - 75pts.
WHY U SO MEAN!? - Die very close the next lap with 31 points - 100pts.
WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME CRUEL AND SATANIC WORLD!? - Die very close the next lap with 99 points - 500pts.

I understand the last one is steep but... Whatever...

Last thing... The points you get for medals don't make sense to me sometimes... Not a big issue, but it really nagged me... For instance:

I get 100 pts. for dying 64 times which is easy but for persisting on and on to get a score of 8 I get 10pts.? I spent 40 minutes trying to get a score of 8 and that's all I get!?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


Usually I think of some 1-5 paragraph long review because I feel that people just saying good is boring... But that's really all I can say...

(Wow, to think that I wrote a 7 paragraph comment on a Flappy Bird clone about the stock market, yet I couldn't think of more than 1 word for a simple yet complex at the same time puzzle game...)

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Shock Shock

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A nice chill track, but lacking in detail and variety. Not much to say.

Ice Biome (Remix) Ice Biome (Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What have we here? A unique Glitch hop/8-bit/Elctro/Dubstep atmospheric track? This is really strange, a VERY nice surprise, especially to see in unscouted! I'm probably gonna scout you! The bitcrushing, the haunting reeverbs and delays, the powerful drums; the highpassing, the strange general composition, it's great! I really can't describe what makes this track great!

4.5 stars!

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-Jungle Night- -Jungle Night-

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good first try! That's a real good start! I couldn't rate it any higher because it's too simple and repetitive, but it sets the mood well.

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"Ostrich Raider" "Ostrich Raider"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful and once again, intimidating... Much of the same to be said here...

SmokingFrog responds:

it will be a nightmare to animate ..

Light Compacter Automaton Light Compacter Automaton

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, it still fits into the style, while looking unique compared to the other machines and it's intimidating, but still doesn't like over the top or boss-like...

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SmokingFrog responds:

Nice to hear that!
I had the fear that didn't coincide with the overall style.
Thanks for the feedback

Light Crane Automaton Light Crane Automaton

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good design

SmokingFrog responds:

thanks, the pity is that at this stage, i'm unable to show the reasons behind the form.
Once i get finished the concepts ( at least half of the list), i will proceed to illustrate some ad posters to work as a sort of explanation.